Standing still.

One thing our homes should never be is static – it is only natural that as we and our family’s grow/ change/ develop our homes must too in order  to reflect our current needs &  our passions. On a day-to-day basis it is also important to not become blind to our surroundings by never changing anything.

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As a huge  hoarder collector of things I am constantly moving things around out of a need to create room for more things  according to my mood, current obsessions & inspirations. I don’t necessarily mean big pieces of furniture but rather books, lamps, vases, shells, plants, rugs, cushions etc.. This can be inspired by a fabulous new junk shop find, a big bouquet of flowers or a few branches of leaves (that may or may not have been raided from a roadside tree – always have secateurs in your glove box!)

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The joy of coming home and moving bits & bobs around to accommodate your fabulous new find injects life into your home & will renew your passion for certain forgotten and ignored pieces…. it’s rather like rediscovering an old friend.

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Creating little vignettes within our homes is a very easy way to transform a space & also experiment with trends without having to completely re-decorate or spend a lot of money. Love the current trend for neon but don’t have much of a budget or fear that it might be a fleeting love affair on your part?  It can be as simple as investing in a can of fluoro spray paint & attacking some old bottles or other inexpensive objects, or buy some neon washi tape & stick up some favourite photos, tear sheets or ephemera creating an instant mood board that can be taken down at your whim when you fancy a change or are obsessing about a new trend.

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Have fun with the things that you own, keep your environment inspired & fresh by moving things around & seeing how they work when placed in a different room. Nothing has to stay put & you may just discover a fabulous new way to display your favourite things… If nothing else you will stop your home becoming dusty static & it will therefore feel lived in & loved.

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Have fun x