A Hearty Breakfast.


Love it or hate it, Valentines Day is this Friday.

I for one can’t think of much worse than sitting in a row of tables for two in a restaurant somewhere paying a fortune for an uninspired set menu, nor do I have much time for the naff valentines themed gifts that fill the shelves of so many shops.

What I am a fan of is making an otherwise ordinary day of the week feel a bit special for the ones that I love.


Breakfast is an excellent way to do this & doesn’t require too much effort. Anything other than the norm is going to feel a bit special, whether that is a cooked breakfast on a weekday or being brought a cup of tea & croissants  in bed.


Naturally, I think it’s fun to take things a little further with the help of a heart-shaped cookie cutter which can be used on anything from Watermelon, toast, pancakes & even eggs.


Silly maybe… but it’s a fun way to start a day & say I love you

….& let’s face it, even the grumpiest of men would appreciate eggs for breakfast, even if they are heart-shaped ones!

If you have children, they will adore coming down to a special breakfast heart shaped toast is particularly delicious with strawberry jam.  If you are single then get the girls around for a bottle of bubbles & mini heart-shaped toast with cheese & dips. A celebration in an otherwise fairly dull month.


A bit frivolous & lots of fun there’s nothing like making a little bit of a fuss over the people you love.

Sam x