Fearless Decorating.

What a week it’s been, thanks so much to you all for being so enthusiastic about my plans for The Boiled Egg & Soldiers Shop, it definitely inspires me to get cracking & get it online as soon as possible.

This is just going to be a quick post as I am finishing up early today in order to hang out with little Miss three, my friends gorgeous little lady….. I believe that it will be pirate games all the way which suits me fine as I love nothing more than looking for hidden treasure, channelling Captain Jack’s sense of style & drinking rum on a Friday afternoon ok so maybe that last bit won’t be happening.

Abigail-ahern_AD-Spain_06 So today, I just wanted to talk a bit about being fearless when it comes to decorating…. following your heart not your head & definitely not just following trends or keeping up with the Jones’s. Decorating is a totally personal thing & what works for one won’t necessarily work for another… and it’s important to remember that it’s totally fine… we don’t have to love the same  mix, what a boring world that would be.

As with anything in life, it is important to push ourselves out of our comfort zone every so often in order to really create an amazing space….go crazy & break the rules every so often, you’ll end up with a space that you truly love.

d7f2a7b93bdfe8db31af85309c2a3112 My friend Jaimee is actually the most fearless person I have ever met when it comes to decorating…. once she’s inspired there’s no stopping her. Whereas most of us hesitate when it comes to changing paint colour, sure it’s the easiest & most dramatic way to change up a room but it’s also a bit of a hassle getting the room prepped & ready to go Jaimee doesn’t hesitate & happily goes from yellow walls & a retro vibe to the dark side in a weekend her house is getting smaller & smaller every year from the coats of paint she applies to the walls. 


Ok so this might be a bit extreme for some people but it totally works for her & goodness she’s inspiring to be around when she’s mixing things up as she’s so excited about the possibilities & how the room will evolve. The best part is that she does all of this on a serious budget & is very clever at finding bargains from here there & everywhere for bringing it all together. She has fun with her decorating & doesn’t take it too seriously or worry what others will think.

648da16920653ddd00cabdaa5842de17 So next time you are agonising over whether a cushion will work in a certain space or feeling a bit uninspired about your own space, think of Jaimee & go forth, be fearless & have fun…

Happy Friday x

All pins from Pinterest