Iris Apfel’s Garage Sale.

a3e686902b4818a5c707554069a8ce94 I very nearly didn’t believe my eyes when I read that the utterly fabulous, globe-trotting legend Iris Apfel was holding a Garage Sale on 5th April on

The 92-year-old Interior Design & Fashion legend & self-confessed shopaholic has accumulated so much stuff over her years that her storage facilities are fit to burst & she has decided the time has come to let it all go.


I can only imagine the treasures that make up this epic 800 piece online sale but it is said to include things she picked up in Parisian Flea markets in the 40’s, Souks in Marrakech in the 60’s & the square in Santa Fe in the 70’s…..


 Apart from anything else I’m hoping to see more than a few pieces from her incredible jewellery collection in the mix.

202a4006cc02e073b9dcee27a322ecd3 For more details & to read the full & exclusive interview with the Legend herself, check out

Thank you Internet for making it possible for us all to be at the best shopping day of the year!

Happy Monday x