Easter Magic.

unnamed It probably goes without saying that a celebration centred around eggs is always going to be a popular one at Boiled Egg & Soldiers HQ. With none of the stress that comes with Christmas, it’s a lovely few days off with friends & family….

…and it’s practically the law that you have to eat chocolate at breakfast  a win win situation.

unnamed It makes perfect sense to start your Easter celebrations at breakfast over eggs. Of course it’s going to feel more special if you make a bit of an effort when laying the table & if you have children around then you really have a good excuse to go to town & create magic.

unnamed When I was a little girl we used to spend Easter weekend at my Grandmother’s house. She would lay the table beautifully & my brothers and I would sit decorating our boiled eggs I’m sure they tasted all the more delicious because of their brightly decorated shells.

I’m not actually sure that Grandma let us eat chocolate at breakfast but they are still some of my happiest memories.

This years inspiration comes from the many feathers I have crammed into jars around the house that I have started to document in a series of paintings.

unnamed unnamed I have simply photocopied the paintings to use as placemats around the table – such a simple, cheap but effective idea that would work with any imagery that you wanted to use, be it your own artwork, pages from an Ornithology book, or even some of your own feather collection or photographs.

IMG_2727 Jars of feathers line the centre of the table & golden glittery eggs & ceramic mushrooms are dotted amongst the cutlery & glassware.

IMG_2717 For a final touch of magic, little chocolate eggs in shiny foil wrappers are scattered generously around the table on side plates & nestled into spoons.

unnamed ….. what better way to start the day than with an Easter egg hunt at breakfast?! Adults might like to indulge in some bucks fizz to counteract the effects of the chocolate & the children.

A happy Easter all round!

I’ll be back tomorrow with a really simple Easter present DIY that I have done for the little ones.

Sam x