Easter Treat DIY.

unnamed With 8 little people all desperately looking forward to Easter & the excitement of treats from the Easter Bunny, combined with very limited space in my suitcase for packaging swamped Easter Eggs, I decided to get crafty creative this year.

The solution is something that I hope will be a winner all round as it is decoratively pleasing to the stylist in me & crammed with enough pretty foil wrapped chocolate eggs to satisfy the little ones. I should note that I had no qualms about really stuffing these full of chocolate as none of these little people are mine – whether their parents will be so enamoured is a different matter entirely!

unnamed To create the hanging egg cages, you need some balloons, brown string, PVA glue, mini chocolate eggs, pretty ribbon  & a whole lot of wine. I don’t recommend you do the same thing as me & push the mini eggs into the balloons before inflating, which took both time & a lot of expletives but instead pop the eggs through the holes at the end.

Inflate your balloon to the size of ‘egg’ you would like to create then basically dip your string in PVA & start wrapping the balloon making sure that you don’t leave your gaps too big that your eggs will fall out but do leave a couple big enough near the top so that you can insert the chocolate eggs & the kids can shake the eggs out.

unnamed Hang your balloons up to dry overnight, then once the egg cage is completely hardened pop the balloon. I was a bit impatient & ruined a couple of mine by popping the balloon before the string was hard which meant they collapsed…. I have managed to turn them into string nests for the Easter table so all was not lost!

Fill with Eggs & add a pretty ribbon to hang your ‘eggs’ in trees for the Easter Egg hunt or pile them in a top hat in the centre of the table.


Easy, pretty, winner.

Sam x