Deliciously, more-ish chocolate cake.

unnamed For reasons I won’t bore you with I am following a gluten & dairy free diet which would make chocolate cake a big no, no if this wasn’t in fact a flourless (gluten & dairy free) chocolate cake.

The reason I didn’t announce this in the title is that I didn’t want to put you off it! I think we’ve probably all experienced some hideous gluten free creations in our time but the fact is that this is so yummy that Mr Boiled Egg & Soldiers who is one of the most vocal people I know when it comes to bad food declared upon tasting it that he would never know that it was gluten free….result! unnamed unnamed unnamed unnamed unnamed Enjoy! with a big dollop of yoghurt, cream or ice-cream… unless you are dairy free like me!

Happy Weekending x

Recipe from the fabulous Marley & Lockyer.