e8e9658be9fa686de85d3246ae13280a Yesterday, whilst out & about I bumped into the lady that used to work in my local dairy when I worked in town. We started to chat & I very quickly recognised that she seemed to have a renewed energy & zest for life.

Indeed – it transpired that at the age of 72, having never before left NZ, she booked herself a return ticket to India for 2 months & awoke her soul.

085228e0fb9319b899ab6f4a90930d67 She finally listened to her inner wanderlust & planned her solo adventure.

….and was bursting with the things that she had seen & experienced & tasted & smelled….

….& is currently saving up again to return for her next fix!

As someone equally obsessed with India, I was more than happy to listen to her stories & I too came away with an extra spring in my step & a craving for curry.

a9e0ed0f7ca4e2ce90942ffa6630cc1e I am at my happiest & most inspired in hot, exotic climes & one day intend to live somewhere that I can happily waft about in a Kaftan everyday.

Considering that we are at the start of a Wellington winter & I am about to have a baby, my love of summer & wanderlust isn’t going to be answered anytime too soon.

40f2b5d83c1ba12a5085b4dc11254952 With holidays rolling around few & far between for a lot of us, I like to make sure that my home is filled with souvenirs & reminders from past adventures. Textiles & rugs from India, oil paintings from back street brocantes & wonky olive oil soaps from the market in France, silk lanterns & cooking utensils from Vietnam – just some of the things that fill my home & keep my wanderlust sated & alive between adventures.

549db9a7b3e687e7348712d717d8c1a3 It was so inspiring just to be listening to such tales of adventure & bravery yesterday as the rain poured down outside … sometimes we all just need that little reminder that there is a great big world out there just waiting to be discovered & enjoyed.

8db42068deec29a466791e00d852f549 These photographs of Jade Jagger’s home in Goa are all taken by Idha Lindhag  I like to pretend it is actually mine when the weather gets really cold here.

jade jagger goan home mudra Happy weekend – go out & explore!

Sam x