Bathrooms with Personality.

Wow… Well even by my standards, this has been quite a procrastination between posts!

– I can’t even claim it’s because I’ve been all consumed with a new baby as I’m still very much blooming away.  I  guess that life has just been getting in the way & I’ve been rather distracted of late.

Time to get back on track & what better way to do that on a Tuesday night than with some gorgeous interiors inspiration, specifically bathrooms.

7d11586099c6ff5695469cd097dc0299 For me, the most appealing bathrooms are not perfectly tiled, clinical, functional spaces but rather luxuriously comfortable & warm spaces with personality  that you want to linger & spend time in.

14b51a0480092e60046802eac9dd466b Of course a powerful shower is a must as is a decent sized bath for this bubble bath indulging Pom…

..but for me, the most gorgeous & inviting bathrooms contain pieces not specifically designed to be in a bathroom…

1e7e00f8eb06863ec3571156b81f96d5 A chair to sit in & chat to your partner as they soak their cares away, a table to house magazines, a glass of wine.

Pretty bottles of bubble bath, lotions & potions & scented candles.


324c1c147b9d4f916feace0a56a274ea A vase of fresh flowers, a junglicious collection of plants…



A beautiful rug repurposed as a bathmat..



A twinkling glass chandelier in preference to the more common spotlights…..



ee952c92ddb51a1c871d8976db18b9fa I also adore a patterned floor, beautiful handmade tiles & stacks of clean fluffy towels

360802ed096e88a713a63288dfa87653 …..& tell me, who wouldn’t feel relaxed immersed in bubbles in such a space?

bf20348b9de6b16fe61aa4d321acfbd9 Do you agree or are you more of a modern, clean, functional lover when it comes to your bathroom?

Is your bathroom a haven & what makes it so, I would love to know…


Have a good week.

Sam x

All photos & their links can be found on my Pinterest board along with lots more gorgeous bathroom inspiration.