Bathrooms with Personality.

Wow… Well even by my standards, this has been quite a procrastination between posts!

– I can’t even claim it’s because I’ve been all consumed with a new baby as I’m still very much blooming away.  I  guess that life has just been getting in the way & I’ve been rather distracted of late.

Time to get back on track & what better way to do that on a Tuesday night than with some gorgeous interiors inspiration, specifically bathrooms.

7d11586099c6ff5695469cd097dc0299 For me, the most appealing bathrooms are not perfectly tiled, clinical, functional spaces but rather luxuriously comfortable & warm spaces with personality  that you want to linger & spend time in.

14b51a0480092e60046802eac9dd466b Of course a powerful shower is a must as is a decent sized bath for this bubble bath indulging Pom…

..but for me, the most gorgeous & inviting bathrooms contain pieces not specifically designed to be in a bathroom…

1e7e00f8eb06863ec3571156b81f96d5 A chair to sit in & chat to your partner as they soak their cares away, a table to house magazines, a glass of wine.

Pretty bottles of bubble bath, lotions & potions & scented candles.


324c1c147b9d4f916feace0a56a274ea A vase of fresh flowers, a junglicious collection of plants…



A beautiful rug repurposed as a bathmat..



A twinkling glass chandelier in preference to the more common spotlights…..



ee952c92ddb51a1c871d8976db18b9fa I also adore a patterned floor, beautiful handmade tiles & stacks of clean fluffy towels

360802ed096e88a713a63288dfa87653 …..& tell me, who wouldn’t feel relaxed immersed in bubbles in such a space?

bf20348b9de6b16fe61aa4d321acfbd9 Do you agree or are you more of a modern, clean, functional lover when it comes to your bathroom?

Is your bathroom a haven & what makes it so, I would love to know…


Have a good week.

Sam x

All photos & their links can be found on my Pinterest board along with lots more gorgeous bathroom inspiration.

The Courting Candle.

e08d39d27bab9af1c2a7ddf0e066d13f Just a little bit obsessed with this candle.

Courting candles were traditionally used by Father’s to limit the time that potential suitors got to spend with their daughters. Imagine!

The candle extinguishes once it reaches the clamp so Father’s were able to set the time that a gentleman would have with his daughter by how much candle he pulled through before lighting and potential suitors never outstayed their welcome!

I’m not sure that I would have been too impressed as a daughter but all the same I’m rather smitten with the story & the object.

This one is available from here.

It’s definitely a night to stay in & light candles here, hope you are keeping warm!

Sam x


e8e9658be9fa686de85d3246ae13280a Yesterday, whilst out & about I bumped into the lady that used to work in my local dairy when I worked in town. We started to chat & I very quickly recognised that she seemed to have a renewed energy & zest for life.

Indeed – it transpired that at the age of 72, having never before left NZ, she booked herself a return ticket to India for 2 months & awoke her soul.

085228e0fb9319b899ab6f4a90930d67 She finally listened to her inner wanderlust & planned her solo adventure.

….and was bursting with the things that she had seen & experienced & tasted & smelled….

….& is currently saving up again to return for her next fix!

As someone equally obsessed with India, I was more than happy to listen to her stories & I too came away with an extra spring in my step & a craving for curry.

a9e0ed0f7ca4e2ce90942ffa6630cc1e I am at my happiest & most inspired in hot, exotic climes & one day intend to live somewhere that I can happily waft about in a Kaftan everyday.

Considering that we are at the start of a Wellington winter & I am about to have a baby, my love of summer & wanderlust isn’t going to be answered anytime too soon.

40f2b5d83c1ba12a5085b4dc11254952 With holidays rolling around few & far between for a lot of us, I like to make sure that my home is filled with souvenirs & reminders from past adventures. Textiles & rugs from India, oil paintings from back street brocantes & wonky olive oil soaps from the market in France, silk lanterns & cooking utensils from Vietnam – just some of the things that fill my home & keep my wanderlust sated & alive between adventures.

549db9a7b3e687e7348712d717d8c1a3 It was so inspiring just to be listening to such tales of adventure & bravery yesterday as the rain poured down outside … sometimes we all just need that little reminder that there is a great big world out there just waiting to be discovered & enjoyed.

8db42068deec29a466791e00d852f549 These photographs of Jade Jagger’s home in Goa are all taken by Idha Lindhag  I like to pretend it is actually mine when the weather gets really cold here.

jade jagger goan home mudra Happy weekend – go out & explore!

Sam x

Deliciously, more-ish chocolate cake.

unnamed For reasons I won’t bore you with I am following a gluten & dairy free diet which would make chocolate cake a big no, no if this wasn’t in fact a flourless (gluten & dairy free) chocolate cake.

The reason I didn’t announce this in the title is that I didn’t want to put you off it! I think we’ve probably all experienced some hideous gluten free creations in our time but the fact is that this is so yummy that Mr Boiled Egg & Soldiers who is one of the most vocal people I know when it comes to bad food declared upon tasting it that he would never know that it was gluten free….result! unnamed unnamed unnamed unnamed unnamed Enjoy! with a big dollop of yoghurt, cream or ice-cream… unless you are dairy free like me!

Happy Weekending x

Recipe from the fabulous Marley & Lockyer.

It’s The Boiled Egg & Soldiers 1st Birthday Today!!!

unnamed I can’t believe it – exactly a year since my very first blog post.

I posted it on the very same day that I discovered I had won Interiors Addict’s 7 Vignettes & we toasted new beginnings with champagne & friends.

unnamed I must say that I’m very proud to have reached this little milestone but more importantly, I am delighted that I finally stopped procrastinating long enough to start!

This little blog is one of the most rewarding things that I have ever done & I am constantly delighted & amazed at the lovely, loyal following that it has. I’d like to believe that I would blog even if no one read it but I’m not sure I’d enjoy it half as much, nor keep so motivated without the lovely comments & likes that I get from you.

Thank you – it really does make my day when I hear from you & your feedback is so appreciated.

It’s been fairly crazy to get to this point & I have a feeling that things are about to get even more so as we eagerly await the arrival of our first baby in around 6 weeks time eek!

We have also just bought a new house although we aren’t moving until September & of course we are still working on The Boiled Egg & Soldiers online shop…

IMG_2897 So lots to celebrate …..

…….which naturally means cake!

This one is particularly scrummy – as you can tell by the big wedge already missing from it actually, If we are being honest this is in fact the second cake, the first one got demolished before I could take photos because it really is that good!
unnamed Most importantly though, it is super easy & quick to make…

maybe a little too easy & quick for this greedy Mama to be.

unnamed …….perfect to whip up & enjoy over the weekend, so I will post the recipe tomorrow morning.

IMG_2922 Alas, there are decidedly less bubbles for me today than this time last year, so I urge you all to pop the corks & celebrate all things fabulous & Friday on my behalf maybe I’ll go crazy & have a bubble bath instead!

unnamed Thanks for sticking with me so far & chin chin for the next year at The Boiled Egg & Soldiers!

Sam x


IMG_2771 After our little holiday down South, I am really appreciating all the joys of home this week.

Sometimes the best thing about a holiday is the perspective it gives you to appreciate all that you have & that little confirmation that you are living a happy & full life.

In the chaos & general rush of our day to day lives I think we so often forget to enjoy the little things. For me these include pottering about the house re-arranging bits & pieces, discovering new recipes & having friends round to try them out & curling up in a sunny spot with an inspiring book.

What are the little things that make you appreciate home?

Sam x


A Glut of Feijoas.

IMG_2805 Full to overflowing baskets of feijoas and nobody in the house that really likes them, although they do look pretty & smell divine.

Looks like I’ll be making chutney this weekend…

IMG_2757 IMG_2788 I’ll share the recipe if it turns out well.

Hope you’re having a good week…. Friday tomorrow, yay!

Sam x

A few days away.

unnamed We are home after a wonderful week away on a remote farm in Golden Bay. It was touch & go for a while there whether we would actually make it thanks to the tail end of the cyclone that hit Australia.

unnamed It took us two and a half days to finally reach our destination with two thwarted attempts thanks to high winds, severe flooding & fallen trees … but we got there in the end & found a magical spot to enjoy a few days with family.

Mr Boiled Egg & Soldiers & I found ourselves in a simply gorgeous, rustic chalet for two.

unnamed Rather like a ship’s cabin, with stunning views & a clawfoot bath, I was in my element!


unnamed Between the rain storms we hung out at the beach & built fires.

My clever niece & nephew caught fresh salmon which was quickly smoked….

unnamed ….. & demolished!

unnamed And now we are home again & it feels like winter might finally be here.

unnamed Cottage pie for dinner tonight by the fire.

Sam x

Easter Treat DIY.

unnamed With 8 little people all desperately looking forward to Easter & the excitement of treats from the Easter Bunny, combined with very limited space in my suitcase for packaging swamped Easter Eggs, I decided to get crafty creative this year.

The solution is something that I hope will be a winner all round as it is decoratively pleasing to the stylist in me & crammed with enough pretty foil wrapped chocolate eggs to satisfy the little ones. I should note that I had no qualms about really stuffing these full of chocolate as none of these little people are mine – whether their parents will be so enamoured is a different matter entirely!

unnamed To create the hanging egg cages, you need some balloons, brown string, PVA glue, mini chocolate eggs, pretty ribbon  & a whole lot of wine. I don’t recommend you do the same thing as me & push the mini eggs into the balloons before inflating, which took both time & a lot of expletives but instead pop the eggs through the holes at the end.

Inflate your balloon to the size of ‘egg’ you would like to create then basically dip your string in PVA & start wrapping the balloon making sure that you don’t leave your gaps too big that your eggs will fall out but do leave a couple big enough near the top so that you can insert the chocolate eggs & the kids can shake the eggs out.

unnamed Hang your balloons up to dry overnight, then once the egg cage is completely hardened pop the balloon. I was a bit impatient & ruined a couple of mine by popping the balloon before the string was hard which meant they collapsed…. I have managed to turn them into string nests for the Easter table so all was not lost!

Fill with Eggs & add a pretty ribbon to hang your ‘eggs’ in trees for the Easter Egg hunt or pile them in a top hat in the centre of the table.


Easy, pretty, winner.

Sam x

Easter Magic.

unnamed It probably goes without saying that a celebration centred around eggs is always going to be a popular one at Boiled Egg & Soldiers HQ. With none of the stress that comes with Christmas, it’s a lovely few days off with friends & family….

…and it’s practically the law that you have to eat chocolate at breakfast  a win win situation.

unnamed It makes perfect sense to start your Easter celebrations at breakfast over eggs. Of course it’s going to feel more special if you make a bit of an effort when laying the table & if you have children around then you really have a good excuse to go to town & create magic.

unnamed When I was a little girl we used to spend Easter weekend at my Grandmother’s house. She would lay the table beautifully & my brothers and I would sit decorating our boiled eggs I’m sure they tasted all the more delicious because of their brightly decorated shells.

I’m not actually sure that Grandma let us eat chocolate at breakfast but they are still some of my happiest memories.

This years inspiration comes from the many feathers I have crammed into jars around the house that I have started to document in a series of paintings.

unnamed unnamed I have simply photocopied the paintings to use as placemats around the table – such a simple, cheap but effective idea that would work with any imagery that you wanted to use, be it your own artwork, pages from an Ornithology book, or even some of your own feather collection or photographs.

IMG_2727 Jars of feathers line the centre of the table & golden glittery eggs & ceramic mushrooms are dotted amongst the cutlery & glassware.

IMG_2717 For a final touch of magic, little chocolate eggs in shiny foil wrappers are scattered generously around the table on side plates & nestled into spoons.

unnamed ….. what better way to start the day than with an Easter egg hunt at breakfast?! Adults might like to indulge in some bucks fizz to counteract the effects of the chocolate & the children.

A happy Easter all round!

I’ll be back tomorrow with a really simple Easter present DIY that I have done for the little ones.

Sam x