Fridays & Feathers.

IMG_2738 Where did the week go?

……Not that I’m complaining, I love it when Friday rolls around quickly!

This week I have been working on these feather paintings as possible prints for The Boiled Egg & Soldiers shop. They have in turn inspired me for our Easter table this year, so I will be back next week with some styling ideas for making Easter Day a bit more fabulous.

I hope you have a great weekend whatever you are up to, looks like the weather here is not looking so hot so it’s definitely a good excuse to stay home & work on some indoor projects.

Have fun x

Beautiful things.

10150122_10152295133726014_409008518_n My friend Steph has impeccable taste, an amazing eye & always finds the coolest things.

These planters are her latest find & I have been obsessing about them ever since she sent me the pics on Friday.

Aren’t they gorgeous?

…….. Like giant clam shells.


Perfect as they are but I can’t help but think they’d also look incredible used as basins in an outdoor bathroom.

Available from The Vitrine ….

… Le sigh, they won’t be coming home with me.

Sam x

Iris Apfel’s Garage Sale.

a3e686902b4818a5c707554069a8ce94 I very nearly didn’t believe my eyes when I read that the utterly fabulous, globe-trotting legend Iris Apfel was holding a Garage Sale on 5th April on

The 92-year-old Interior Design & Fashion legend & self-confessed shopaholic has accumulated so much stuff over her years that her storage facilities are fit to burst & she has decided the time has come to let it all go.


I can only imagine the treasures that make up this epic 800 piece online sale but it is said to include things she picked up in Parisian Flea markets in the 40’s, Souks in Marrakech in the 60’s & the square in Santa Fe in the 70’s…..


 Apart from anything else I’m hoping to see more than a few pieces from her incredible jewellery collection in the mix.

202a4006cc02e073b9dcee27a322ecd3 For more details & to read the full & exclusive interview with the Legend herself, check out

Thank you Internet for making it possible for us all to be at the best shopping day of the year!

Happy Monday x

Fearless Decorating.

What a week it’s been, thanks so much to you all for being so enthusiastic about my plans for The Boiled Egg & Soldiers Shop, it definitely inspires me to get cracking & get it online as soon as possible.

This is just going to be a quick post as I am finishing up early today in order to hang out with little Miss three, my friends gorgeous little lady….. I believe that it will be pirate games all the way which suits me fine as I love nothing more than looking for hidden treasure, channelling Captain Jack’s sense of style & drinking rum on a Friday afternoon ok so maybe that last bit won’t be happening.

Abigail-ahern_AD-Spain_06 So today, I just wanted to talk a bit about being fearless when it comes to decorating…. following your heart not your head & definitely not just following trends or keeping up with the Jones’s. Decorating is a totally personal thing & what works for one won’t necessarily work for another… and it’s important to remember that it’s totally fine… we don’t have to love the same  mix, what a boring world that would be.

As with anything in life, it is important to push ourselves out of our comfort zone every so often in order to really create an amazing space….go crazy & break the rules every so often, you’ll end up with a space that you truly love.

d7f2a7b93bdfe8db31af85309c2a3112 My friend Jaimee is actually the most fearless person I have ever met when it comes to decorating…. once she’s inspired there’s no stopping her. Whereas most of us hesitate when it comes to changing paint colour, sure it’s the easiest & most dramatic way to change up a room but it’s also a bit of a hassle getting the room prepped & ready to go Jaimee doesn’t hesitate & happily goes from yellow walls & a retro vibe to the dark side in a weekend her house is getting smaller & smaller every year from the coats of paint she applies to the walls. 


Ok so this might be a bit extreme for some people but it totally works for her & goodness she’s inspiring to be around when she’s mixing things up as she’s so excited about the possibilities & how the room will evolve. The best part is that she does all of this on a serious budget & is very clever at finding bargains from here there & everywhere for bringing it all together. She has fun with her decorating & doesn’t take it too seriously or worry what others will think.

648da16920653ddd00cabdaa5842de17 So next time you are agonising over whether a cushion will work in a certain space or feeling a bit uninspired about your own space, think of Jaimee & go forth, be fearless & have fun…

Happy Friday x

All pins from Pinterest


The Boiled Egg & Soldiers Shop.

unnamed Hello, hello…

Well I’m pretty excited to say that I am finally  in the process of photographing stock for The Boiled Egg & Soldiers online shop!

Like all the best things in life, we are starting small with just a few products with BIG personalities  nothing that we don’t already use & love – it’s all about the love,  people!

Bits from here, pieces from there…

Things to use & enjoy…. enduring classics that make your home & life that little bit more fabulous.

– Of course there’s leopard in the mix!

Can’t wait to show you more.

Sam x

Cray Cray for Lovestar.

unnamed Remember my post about Lovestar vases & how desperate I was for one?

Well… lucky girl that I am, I did indeed get given a hot pink one for my Birthday in January, which I love. I then got even luckier & won this limited edition gold glitter Sacre-Coeur sparkle vase through an Instagram competition. SO ridiculously excited ….I couldn’t have been happier when it arrived in the post a couple of months ago.

I’m ashamed to say that it has taken until now for me to finally get it up on the wall & fill it with flowers but by golly was it worth the wait. Believe me when I say that my quick photo does not do this fabulous sparkler justice.

I am officially smitten.

Thanks Lovestar!

Sam x

John Derian’s NY Apartment.

12_19_12_JohnDerian12104 So how was your weekend? Did everyone survive the Cyclone?…… What a massive anti climax that turned out to be.

I found some time for catching up on some of my favourite blogs yesterday ….. and then spent a considerable amount more time lusting over John Derian’s NY Home as featured by The Selby.

12_19_12_JohnDerian12202 12_19_12_JohnDerian12117 12_19_12_JohnDerian12166 In the same way that I prefer street style images to most fashion shoots, I always gravitate to ‘real’ homes & interiors rather than over styled/ interior decorated, magazine perfect houses that tend to feel quite uptight & a bit contrived.

Give me everyday, comfortable clutter every time, which is why The Selby rocks in my opinion!

12_19_12_JohnDerian12353-2 12_19_12_JohnDerian12283 12_19_12_JohnDerian12586 Check out the full tour here & loads of other inspired homes here.

Catch you back here later this week.

Sam x

All images by Todd Selby.


IMG_2518 Gosh it’s been a long time since my last post…… it certainly wasn’t intentional, very much the opposite, in fact.

Well the first three weeks were anyway, whilst my laptop had it’s little breakdown & went away to be fixed two weeks after Mr Boiled Egg & Soldiers finally admitted defeat and agreed that it was indeed a warranty job….. of which we only had 17 days remaining, phew!

….But I have to admit that since my laptop arrived home, good as new, a week ago I have been somewhat slow about getting back into a good habit. It always amazes me how quickly good habits can be broken. It also amazes me, how as a 34 year old woman it can still take a not so subtle hint from my Mother to get back on track!

IMG_2521 So here I am, lots to catch up on since I’ve been away & lots to look forward to over the next few months.

I think we’ll start all of that next week though…

It’s Friday & time to kick back,  relax & enjoy the sunshine before the cyclone hits tomorrow!

Have a fabulous weekend whatever you’re up to.

Sam x

A Hearty Breakfast.


Love it or hate it, Valentines Day is this Friday.

I for one can’t think of much worse than sitting in a row of tables for two in a restaurant somewhere paying a fortune for an uninspired set menu, nor do I have much time for the naff valentines themed gifts that fill the shelves of so many shops.

What I am a fan of is making an otherwise ordinary day of the week feel a bit special for the ones that I love.


Breakfast is an excellent way to do this & doesn’t require too much effort. Anything other than the norm is going to feel a bit special, whether that is a cooked breakfast on a weekday or being brought a cup of tea & croissants  in bed.


Naturally, I think it’s fun to take things a little further with the help of a heart-shaped cookie cutter which can be used on anything from Watermelon, toast, pancakes & even eggs.


Silly maybe… but it’s a fun way to start a day & say I love you

….& let’s face it, even the grumpiest of men would appreciate eggs for breakfast, even if they are heart-shaped ones!

If you have children, they will adore coming down to a special breakfast heart shaped toast is particularly delicious with strawberry jam.  If you are single then get the girls around for a bottle of bubbles & mini heart-shaped toast with cheese & dips. A celebration in an otherwise fairly dull month.


A bit frivolous & lots of fun there’s nothing like making a little bit of a fuss over the people you love.

Sam x

Crystal Head.


…..So yes, I’m practically the last person on the planet to get my hands on one of these bad boys

….but finally – I have.


I am now the proud owner of a bottle of Crystal Head Vodka.

I’m sure the vodka itself is delicious but let’s be honest …. this one was always about the bottle!


Cheers to a stunningly sunny Monday…. a perfect start to a short week here in NZ.

Sam x